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At Imepro, we provide end-to-end clinical trial solutions tailored to each project, investigational
product and sponsors’ needs. We offer several special expertise which support you and your project
to the success.
• Pediatric Therapeutic Area
• Ophthalmology Area
• Decentralized Clinical Trial

Pediatric Therapeutic Area

Currently, there are limited drugs that have been properly evaluated and indicated for pediatric patients.
In Europe and the United States, legislation on pediatric drug development has progressed, requiring consideration of development for children in the process of developing drugs for adults. In contrast, in Japan, there is no regulation that legally obligates the development of pediatric drugs or pediatric formulations, and the conduct of pediatric clinical trials has been slow. Imepro was primally established in order to promote pediatric clinical development. We leverage our extensive experience in pediatric clinical trials to provide solutions to various challenges.

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Pediatric Clinical Trial Site Identification Program Plus

1. Pediatric Clinical Trial Site Identification Program

The program involved approximately 80 medical institutions in Japan.

2. Real World Data provided by JMDC

3. Feasibility investigation at candidate institution

Ophthalmology Area

At Imepro, we aim to be a highly specialized CRO in the ophthalmology field under the name “EyeMEPRO”.
We have introduced the “Certified CRA Program in Ophthalmology” based on our unique training curriculum
to develop specialized CRAs in the ophthalmology field, enabling us to provide high-quality monitoring by
CRAs well-versed in ophthalmology.

Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT)

Imepro offer full DCT services with collaboration JMDC group.

See more about JMDC.