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Information security Policy

The rapid spread and development of information technology has greatly contributed to bridging the gap between academia and industry regarding pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as accelerating groundbreaking medical technology and drug development, and is now an essential part of business operations. Our services are also based on this information technology, and appropriate measures must be taken to address the increasing risks.
As an information security measure, we will establish an "Information Security Policy" to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

1.Promotion of Information Security Measures The President will clearly express support and support for this basic policy and information security related regulations and will lead the promotion of information security measures.

2.Compliance with Information Security-Related Regulations All employees will comply with the established information security related regulations.

3.Education and Training We will regularly provide education and training for all employees to improve their awareness and understanding of the importance of information security.

4.Establishment of Methods, Systems, and Procedures We will establish risk assessment methods, systems, and procedures that can respond quickly to changes in the environment surrounding information assets.

5.Continuous Improvement and Maintenance We will maintain information security measures at an appropriate level by periodically reviewing this basic policy and related regulations and continuously improving them.

6.Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan We will develop, maintain, and regularly train a business